bplool allies 1st draft logoBlackpool Allies is a brand new and pioneering collective of individuals. Developed by the LGB&T Community for it’s members and their Allies.

“You don’t have to be LGB or T to be an Ally”

The group is open to anyone over the age of 18 that self identifies as LGBQ and/or T* or any variations thereof. We also welcome anyone that does not necessary identify as LGBQ and/or T* but is a supporter and “Friend” of the community.

The group looks to offer, not only a safe space for the community to meet, chat and spend time but also offers activities, events and the opportunity to get involved in the wider community of Blackpool.

Allies Word Jumble Picture

The group launches on the 4th of April and will run on the First and Third Tuesday of every month 6pm until 8pm at 102 Dickson Road. Coordinated by LGB&T Development Leads Anthony and Leah and facilitated by a fantastic Team of volunteers with refreshments provided, the group is on track to being a great success.

If you are interested in joining the group then you can text the word “Allies” to 07811 732344 for more information or call 01253 311431 and speak to Anthony or Leah or email LGBTAdvice@druglinelancs.co.uk