Monday 5th March 2018
Have your say…

Are you a Lesbian or Gay Woman? Are you a Trans* Male? Have you thought about your options for starting a family? The Clinical Commissioning Group for Blackpool are currently open to consultation regarding IVF Treatment and other Assisted Conception under the NHS. These new policies, once launched, could affect your access to IVF Treatment under the NHS. Want to know more? Come to our consultation event with the Clinical Commissioning Group and have your say on decisions being made that could affect you.

As part of the ongoing review of clinical policies for all the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Lancashire and South Cumbria, the local CCG are now seeking feedback on the revised clinical policy for assisted conception services, which will potentially reduce the number of IVF cycles that are offered by the NHS in Blackpool.

The CCG are now seeking views and comments from patients, the public and other stakeholders.  This consultation is for a period of 12 weeks.

HORIZON LGB&T are facilitating a consultation event on this policy where memebers of the LGB&T community are invited to meet with the lead on engagement and your comments will be fed back to the CCG as part of the development process.

We invite anyone who feels that they may be affected by this policy or indeed has comments that they would like to submit during this engagement process. A copy of the policy is available online to view prior to the event: 

Monday 5th March 2018
Arrival at the event is 18.30 with refreshments served

The consultation will begin at 19.00
with a view to finish between 20.30 and 21.00.

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For anymore information please either visit the web link above or contact Anthony West on 01253 3111431