Feature in Blackpool Evening Gazette Thursday April 26th 2018

April 2018

Blackpool is set to be home to a new county wide mobile health and harm reduction service – if a charity can raise the money needed to get their bus on the road.

Renaissance, formerly known as Drugline, based in Dickson Road, has bought a former airport shuttle bus to take help and advise on sexual health, substance abuse and mental health on the road county wide. Renaissances outreach bus will offer health and harm reduction help, plus a nighttime safe haven for revellers. The team, led by service manager Julie Hutchings and Shelley Mullarkey, need to raise another £15,000 to kit out and staff the bus. They recently got £5,000 from the Aviva Fund and from the families of people who have used their services. The bus has been refurbished by apprentices at Blackpool Coach Design but they need to add a new kitchen, interactive equipment, displays training and insurance.
Julia said: “The bus will be a mobile service to take sexual health and harm reduction services into communities which cannot access them at present. It will give people a safe space for confidential help and advice.” Julia invites anyone wishing to help to call 01253 311431.

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