The following feedback was received by the service between April 2018 and March 2019.

Please never close, don’t know what I would do.  Top staff.  Saints.

HIV Support Client – Blackpool

“Tracy was an absolute “gem”.  Her care and support helped me through a mentally painful period.  She listened, she remembered!  At first she provided a crutch which was needed.  I looked forward to Tuesdays, I trusted her 100%.  By the end of our sessions which we mutually agreed to end, I felt much stronger.  I still have issues but feel confident that the strategies we discussed will help in future.  I wish Tracy the best and would like her to know how much she helped me along the way.”

Counselling Client

“Yesterday I was at a meeting and met the Delphi doctor – he came over to personally tell me how impressed he was with the outreach model and the team in Blackpool, he told me he has worked in various drug services in London, Brighton and the North West and our outreach team is the best by far he has come across.  He has fed this back to commissioners and believes the outreach team are vital to the treatment service – he has asked to meet me around some ideas he has, well done team!!

Service Professional

They listened to me and helped me sort out certain issues which were important to me.  I felt that they did listen and help me through stuff.  Overall I was extremely satisfied not only with the counselling but also the other staff at Horizon/Renaissance.

Counselling Client

Thank you to Renaissance, and especially Charlene Kitchen for the exceptional help and invaluable support I have received these past two months.  I contacted Charleen for support which included being present with me during my police statement against my previous landlord at Blackpool Police Station.  At the time I was taking forward serious concerns around the actions and behaviour of my previous landlord.  I appreciate the time, effort, knowledge and experience spent reviewing information and evidence gathering and being in attendance with me in a supportive role.  I am especially thankful for Charleen’s offer to connect me with a new landlord and other useful contacts.  I followed up these contacts which have proved beneficial in terms of health and wellbeing.  Once again, I am deeply appreciative of your services and I found Charleen amazing in the way she supported me through resolving my issues.

SWOSS Service User

I couldn’t have got through today without your support. The Tribunal was very scary and my anxiety was very high. I wouldn’t have even attended without you there so thanks for everything.

Healthier Living Service User – Lancashire

When Freddie first seen me outside Co-op in the town centre while he was doing outreach I was in a bad place.  I’d recently lost my flat, my friends and myself.  I was using heroin every day and I was homeless, but when Freddie seen me begging and asked if I need help, I knew this could be the start of my recovery.  The first appointment I had I missed but that was the only one from that moment on.  I’ve stuck to my treatment.  I’ve had a few stumbles along the way but if it wasn’t for Freddie and Horizon then people like me would be dead, there’s no two ways about it so please give your support and keep these people helping people like me so we can lead good lives.

Assertive Outreach Client

I have a minority condition (kleinfelters syndrome XXY) whilst relatively unheard of I was given lots of assistance in trying to find help.  For me working in Lytham, it was a rush to get there before you close at night but Anthony stayed late so that was great.  You provide a great service.

LGBTQ Project Service User

I think ISVA is really good and very helpful you have helped me through and are still helping me with the worst and traumatizing things that have happened in my life, and you have helped me with housing, Counselling, which I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own without the help and support that ISVA has given me and is still ongoing and without ISVA I wouldn’t have been able to cope thank you.

ISVA Client

Very good.  Mark was very helpful and good at his job and with people.

Hep C Outreach Client

I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you have given me and my family, you have been there for me from the beginning of my diagnosis and now I am undetectable. Just to be able to say that one word is liberating and I understand what that means for me and my future partners.

HIV Support Client – Blackpool

I would like to say a huge, big, thank you to Renaissance.  After initial phone support from Victim Support (October 2014), I was then referred to Rachel Anderson who first came to my house and took some details.  She was very calm and informative, but most of all, she understood what I was talking about.  It felt good it was being taken seriously, but frightening at the same time.  It is a huge step disclosing sexual abuse and trusting people, especially when I was feeling so low.  The ISVA was able to put me at ease and she has been my constant throughout this process, something that has been very reassuring.  Over 30 years I have told doctors, school, parents, but this was the first time I have felt understood and that I would get the help I needed.  It proved to be the best decision I made.  Thank you.

CISVA Client

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed coming to group, I was sceptical at first and didn’t know what to expect but everyone made me feel very welcome. The support was great from everyone and it was just what I needed when I was going through a low patch. It was great to speak to people who have been through the same things as me and I now have the strength to move on with my life. See you all next month.

Healthier Living Client – Blackburn with Darwen

If I had had someone like you, in the job you do, all those years ago, I think things could have been a lot different for me.

Mother of CISVA Client