Running on the second Wednesday of every month in conjunction with Whitegate Drive Sexual health Services HORIZON Dickson Road are holding an exclusive sexual health clinic for Men that have sex with men.

Regardless of how you identify your sexuality, if you are male and have had or are having sex with other men then this exclusive, free service is available to you.
The clinic runs from 5pm in the evening, with the last person seen at 7.30pm. There is no need to make a prior appointment, you can just “drop in” at your convenience.
If you do wish to make an appointment you can call 01253 311431

The next Clinic dates are as follows

10TH MAY 2017

14TH JUNE 2017

Full sexual health screens are available which include testing for all STI’s HIV and other Blood Born Viruses. There is also advice and support available immediately on site from our sexual health practitioners as well as dedicated medical staff from Whitegate Drive Sexual Health Services.