Book one of our cutting edge  training sessions for your organisation today.

  • Half day commitment only
  • Flexible timings
  • In house utilising our training suite or we can come to you
  • Now open to any organisation in any area of the UK.
  • Charities, public and private sectors

Renaissance training will increase knowledge and build confidence amongst attending groups.  It targets any areas of interest or concern you may have around the following subjects.

All courses can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

  • Sexual Health, BBV Awareness and Brief Advice
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness including NPS
  • Tackling Drug Related Litter
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • ChemSex
  • LGBTQ+ Education
  • Trans* Awareness

The training sessions will increase:

  • Awareness and knowledge of all the very latest harm reduction information relating to drug and alcohol use including NPS – ‘legal highs’
  • Your knowledge of risk factors associated with specific STI’s and BBV’s
  • Increase your awareness of prevalent sexually transmitted infections
  • Your knowledge of Trans and Non-Birnary community members and gender variances
  • Your knowledge of relevant local services
  • Your awareness to access and refer to appropriate services

All our training sessions are interactive and questions and shared experiences will be welcomed.  Handouts will be available on the day.

Course fees available on request by contacting 01253 311431

You can make a booking by emailing our trainers on

Courses Available 

Non Clinical Sexual Health & Blood Borne Virus Awareness
Encompasses aspects of prevalent sexually transmitted infections also integrating Hepatitis B & C and HIV including signs, symptoms, avoidance and transmission routes of all the aforementioned.
Duration: 3.5 hours
Minimum 8 – max 12 attendees

CHEMSEX – The Truth and The Risks

Encompasses aspects relating to CHEMSEX including the effects of engaging in CHEMSEX practice, attendees will gain an understanding of the impacts of CHEMSEX alongside gaining knowledge of why people participate in the practice of CHEMSEX
Duration: 2 hours

PreP & PeP – The Future of HIV in the UK

Delegates will gain a basic understanding of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) alongside when and why individuals would be prescribed PEP or PrEP to prevent infection of HIV alongside knowledge of where to obtain Pep/PrEP, in addition learners will also gain knowledge regarding the effectiveness of PrEP and PEP.
Duration: 2 hours

Motivational Interviewing
Training consisting of both theoretical and practical implications of motivational interviewing, delegates will have knowledge of motivational interviewing and its implications on working practice, be able to understand and apply motivational interviewing as well as being able to demonstrate how MI can improve interactions with clients.
Duration: 3 hours
Minimum 8 – max 12 attendees

Tackling Drug Related Litter Training

Tailored for those people who deal with drug related litter as part of their work or who can contribute to its reduction.  Many of these will be working for, or on behalf of, local authorities – street cleansing operatives, parks staff, wardens, car park inspectors, housing caretakers etc.  The training is not restricted to local authorities – it is crucial that a wide range of agencies work together at the local level, and so the training is also for those people working for housing organisations, hostels, care centres, the Police and community groups (particularly those involved in clean-up activities who may come into contact with discarded needles) or in partnership through Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships, Drug Action Teams and Town Centre Partnerships.  The training is also useful for anyone who may come into contact with Drug Related Litter due to their activities in volunteering, or running a business in an area where Drug Related Litter is prevalent.
Duration 2 Hours

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Informative, interactive and enjoyable, with examples to see, touch and smell, the 3 hour session guides attendees through the whole spectrum of illicit and legal drugs, consequential behaviours and the physical and mental health implications.With alcohol remaining in the number 1 slot for overall negative health outcomes, we take a fresh approach to offering brief advice for this or any other substance on our radar.
Duration 3 Hours

LGBTQ+ Education 

Delivered by LGBTQ+ Development Lead Anthony West, LGBTQ+ Education will give attendees a good knowledge of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Identifying community members in a modern society. Discussions and group work will focus on the history of the equality movement for LGBTQ+ people and how discrimination and exclusion can be avoided in today’s modern world. Attendees will leave with a stronger awareness of the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, as well as terminology used in today’s society.  The course is open to all and special rates are offered for block bookings as well as public and third sector organisations. This training is recognised nationally when working towards certain LGBTQ+ Quality Marks
Duration 3 Hours.

Transgender Awareness

Delivered by LGBTQ+ Development Lead Anthony West. Trans Awareness will give attendees a strong knowledge of gender variance and terminology used today. This is a 3 hour training course that is both informative and interactive. Covering topics such as the difference between sex and gender as well as the Trans umbrella. A comprehensive session that will leave attendees confident to work with Trans and Non-Binary community members as well as offer them support no matter whereabouts they are in their own transition. The course is open to all and special rates are offered for block bookings as well as public and third sector organisations. This training is recognised nationally when working towards certain LGB&T Quality Marks
Duration 3 Hours.