For a direct referral into Drug and/or Alcohol support, please call 01253 205157 or email HORIZON at

Harm Reduction, in terms of alcohol and drug use, includes things such as:

  • Providing clean needles and drug paraphernalia to injecting drug users, including steroid users
  • Encouraging monitoring alcohol units via a drink diary and staying within safe alcohol unit guidelines
  • Giving information on how to stay safe on a night out, whether drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs
  • Giving information on how to stay safe when taking recreational drugs and so called ‘legal highs’
  • Providing dry blood spot testing for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV plus vaccinations for Hepatitis B

If you would like any information or advice regarding the above, please contact us in confidence.  Our Needle Exchange is also available for advice around safer injecting, to provide clean FREE injecting equipment and to offer dry blood spot testing and Hep B vaccinations.


  • Assertive outreach workers will support you to access treatment or maintain treatment appointments if you are struggling. The team work closely with peer mentors and will visit you in the community or at home.
  • Advice and information on reducing harm to yourself when using drugs or alcohol, including injecting steroids.
  • BBV screening and Hep B vaccinations
  • Hep C Support, one to one support for those hep C positive
  • Image performance enhancing drugs support, clean injecting equipment available in house and online from
  • Needle exchange hub provides clean injecting equipment and paraphernalia and disposal services.
  • Take Home Naloxone programme and overdose awareness training for service users and front line professionals.

Download and view our latest Harm Reduction Literature HERE HARM REDUCTION BOOKLET FRONT COVER

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